Family Histories


An Edited Interview

Edited Interviews

An edited interview presents segments of the raw interview in a logical story line. This can be done by topic, chronologically or a combination of both.

This is where the skill of the editor as storyteller comes into play. It is the art of selecting relevant clips and arrange them in a way that tells a compelling story.

Photos and home movies are often useful in bringing the story to life and make for a more polished finished product.

The Outhouse Incident


This is an example of two different perspectives of the same incident.

One version is from the perspetive of the younger sister and the other is from the perspetive of the older sister.

The edited version blends both into a single story.

Trudy Wons


This is an example of an oral history edited into a chronological story line.

The finished product incorporates photos and home movies to help illustrate the story.

Edited Interview