About JPC Media


Our History

Senior Partner Ed Wons has extensive experience in product development and manufacturing and quality engineering. As part of his work at Banner Engineering, he discovered that adherence to procedures in a manufacturing environment increased significantly if the person being trained knew the reasons for why things should be done a certain way.

His work in training people who had little or no understanding of English posed a particularly challenge. To meet this challenge, Mr. Wons developed a method of using visual imagery and metaphor as a highly effective means of communicating technical details.

From these experiences and insights, Mr. Wons began utilizing the skills normally associated with storytelling and applied them to the development of engineering and historical documentation. This led to the founding of JPC Media LLC in 1994. (We were originally founded as JPC Training and Consulting LLC.)

JPC Media LLC integrates the skills and techniques of a storyteller to bring technical documentation to life. This innovative approach won JPC Media LLC an outstanding vendor award from Honeywell’s Advanced Circuits division in 1995.

Ms. Cole, JPC Media LLC junior partner, has a background in component engineering, communications, software development and business analysis. She is also an skilled researcher and interviewer and routinely contributes her excellent writing and copy editing skills to contracts awarded to JPC Media.

In 1996, JPC Media LLC acquired one of the first non-linear video editing systems in the state of Minnesota. The addition of video expanded our storytelling capabilities and led to the creation of a historical documentary and companion web site about the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Arizona.

Both partners have a history of assisting entrepreneurs in the start up phase of their businesses at a discounted rate. In 1999, JPC Media LLC was contracted to help develop an ultrasonic device to measure blood flow. Ms. Cole researched and specified product components. Mr. Wons created process and quality documentation and set up the company’s quality systems. Mr. Wons was part of the development team for the product and was awarded a patent for his work.

In 2003, the company invested in the technology to combine text, audio and video into an integrated presentation. We changed our name from JPC Training and Consulting LLC to JPC Media LLC in 2004 to better reflect our expanded capabilities.

In 2004 JPC Media LLC created “A Girl Named Vincent” for nationally known singer Prudence Johnson. This presentation was recognized for Excellence by the Society for Technical Communication in 2005.

Since projects like “A Girl Named Vincent” required both storytelling and software development skills, we developed methods and procedures for software development and quality control.

Our expanded software capability, in addition to our background in quality engineering, allows JPC Media LLC to assist our clients in the development and validation of software programs. One of our projects for Memorial Blood Centers stands out in particular. Not only were we able to successfully create a validation plan and test cases to ensure the safety of the blood supply, but our client adopted the methods and procedures we developed for their future software projects.

JPC Media LLC continues to innovate as technologies mature. In 2014, we developed software that could be used to tell the story of a historic site or a family’s personal history. This software can be implemented on the web or as a stand alone app for mobile devices. In 2015 we released an app for the historic Hutmacher site in western North Dakota as well as two personal family histories.

At times what JPC Media does can vary from highly technical to intensely personal. The consistent thread that weaves everything together is that of a storyteller. We invite you to let us help you to tell your story.

Telling Your Story