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We are Storytellers

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. People, artifacts, buildings and sites all have a story to be told. Stories are how we connect meaning to people, places, objects and events.

Capturing the story of the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, AZ was one of our early projects for a DVD that could be sold at "The Vulture's Roost".

The Vulture Mine


The Vulture Mine is a ghost town near Wickenburg AZ. The site has been protected by a series of caretakers since 1942. John and Marge Osborne lived on the site for over 30 years until John passed away.

We set out to capture the experience of be taken on a guided tour of the mine by John and to spend an afternoon sitting on the porch talking to this engaging and interesting couple.

The DVD includes a tour of the mine and interview segments with John and Marge Osborne.

Cost $5.95